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Confessions of a Firework Angela Aguirre

Confessions of a Firework is a work of heart. It is a wound I willingly re-open, page after page, hoping that it will assist in my own healing, but also with the hope that it will facilitate the personal and creative growth of whoever the reader may be. After each section you will find writing prompts inspired by my poems but also general enough to force the reader to ask themselves questions about things they may not have considered. Before you read it, I ask of you the same thing I ask of my students: to enter into this moment with me with an open heart and a willingness to grow.

“Following in the footsteps of Anzaldua, Aguirre invites us into her “Millennial Mestiza” world with honesty and humility. A solid debut, Confessions of a Firework is both a reflection on life, love, and loss, and a love letter to the women we have yet to become.” -Mayda del Valle

What a privilege reading this collection will be, because Angie had to become herself to have access to it. She had to give up a bunch of her bullshit, pride, ego, hurt feelings and just write. This is her coming of age story, her rite of passage, this book is her paying it forward. -Natalie Patterson,Poet & Teaching Artist


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