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Lady Dae The Coyote That Stole Fire by G.M. Dandridge

Lady Dae The Coyote That Stole Fire is an interactive fiction reading experience told from a second person point of view, similar to the classic Choose Your Own Adventure Books of the seventies and eighties. It contains mysticism, suspense and at times plot changes that require your wit to maneuver through the story in a unique way. A wrong decision can very easily end your journey.
In our story, you assume the role of Lady Dae, a paranormal investigator who along with her team of exceptionally talented miscreants is enlisted to aid a child plagued by a supernatural entity. From the onset of the book you must decide on the best method in not only helping the child; young Logan Mackie, but also in navigating through the unusual events that follow thereafter. Read with caution, you have been warned.


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