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After World War 3, Earth suffered a long-term nuclear winter, that left most of the planet uninhabitable, which forced humans to flee. The American elite were the first to go. While waiting for a massive space station to be built to house them, humans developed a deadly virus called K. West disease. Those left behind used illicit drugs to help cope with the K. West symptoms. By the time the massive space station was completed, human beings had fractured off into two separate groups. The American elite were known as Synths. The others were known as Purists. The year is 2280. The nation of Bliss occupies a large space station, situated outside of New Earth. The Artist Den Colony is a colonial settler group, located on the only habitable land mass on New Earth, an island called Safi. Alice Blackwater is a freshman senator of Artist Den Colony. Trouble is stirring on the island because the government of Bliss is continuing to issue stricter tariffs and taxes on the colony. Infrastructure is failing and the island is exporting all its natural resources to Bliss. More trouble comes her way as they discover Chiron, a young girl from New Earth who has stowed away with them. Chiron is determined to seek asylum on Bliss. Alice and Eris soon discover Chiron’s terrible secret, and the mission becomes clear, they must get Chiron’s asylum.

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