Hidden Moments by Queen Ex

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HIDDEN MOMENTS is a short story collection mirroring some of your most intimate thoughts. These stories address real moments that you may never speak on. They highlight some pivotal moments where a single choice can change the course of one’s entire life.

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Hidden Moments by Queen Ex

  1. October BLU

    Great read! Grab this book and enjoy the ride! Filled with page turning short stories!

  2. Bohannon Orr

    Some rare literary works are able to invoke such transcendent emotional connections that they skew the line between fantasy and reality, drawing one into not only the world, but the very corpus of the author. This is one of those books. Queen Ex’s Hidden Moments gives voice to hopes, fears, lamentations, and desires inherent within every human being, from the regret we would only whisper under our gravestone to the dream we scream from the mountaintops. A moving and profound tome definitely worth a read or two.

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