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Charisse Sims


Charisse A. Sims is an educator, coach, and mother, with over twenty years of experience in the classroom, and is the founder and director of an early childhood education center. Her expertise in working with children, parents and educators was maximized by the entrance of her six children – four girls and boy/girl twins. Charisse is also on the leading side of creating culturally relevant, diverse and inclusive curriculum, working with parents and educators of children of color to help create anti-racist and equal environments for children to thrive in. Also a children’s book publishing class teacher, she’s working to ensure that other books of representation are created and published. She finds ultimate joy, fulfillment, and personal growth in her ability to inform, inspire, and empower educators and families.
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Lindsey Caneso is a Los Angeles-based artist who believes in the ability of art and storytelling to change lives. She has illustrated three children’s books, and has an ongoing painted sketchbook practice. Her work includes portraits of loved ones, her favorite authors, and characters from literature. She constantly seeks the joy of connection with others through these