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Christian Perfas

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Christian Perfas is a second generation, Filipino-American, warm-blooded spoken word poet and teaching artist based in The Greater Los Angeles Area. He has been writing and performing poetry for as long as he can remember (though more prominently on the west coast since around 2017) and loves to talk about heartbreak, nostalgia, and belonging, amongst other things.

Brought up through U.C.B., S.L.A.M. LA, and C.L.I., Soul is a decorated and versatile poet who has shared his voice on stages such as The Electric Forest Festival, The New York City Poetry Festival, San Diego Comic Con, and The Individual World Poetry Slam. He has also collaborated with the likes of The Poetry Lab, The Poetry Society of New York, Poetry Battles, Poetry Vs. Hip-Hop, and Get Lit: Words Ignite and loves to practice poetry in as many forms as humanly possible.