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N’Jedi T’Challa

N’Jedi T’Challa – Poet, photographer, and social organizer. N’Jedi, hailing from Savannah, Georgia earned his spoken word chops on the open mic circuit of 7 Cities, Virginia. First as a co-creator and event organizer for Poetic Expressions, an artist collective and community outreach organization, then later as a studious poet/spoken word artist. He and his cohorts have spread the word that poetry is still very alive and is a vibrant art. Producing art showcases at numerous churches, universities, and businesses across America, N’Jedi cites several poets for being influential in his

The Book Called: The Album evolution as a writer and activist, including: Saul Williams, Kamau Daaood, Amiri Baraka, Black Ice, Charles Bukowski, and Conney Williams. They have aided in developing his voice and rhythmic style as a powerful storyteller.