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Blank Canvas Poems By Leanne Kathleen Ingino


Blank Canvas is an ode to the raw, blank page creatives use to funnel their pain, joy, and day-to-day lives. This collection explores themes of love, mental health, and feminism through utilization of artistic terminology. The poems journey through the emotions of the human experience, protesting about how our architects have drafted us flawed while recognizing that life is still worth holding onto, despite its flaws, as even the most esteemed masterpieces have them.

Its pieces are relatable, touching upon individual expression, anxiety, depression, grief, love, and the day-to-day monotony that sometimes becomes unbearable without a breath of fresh air in sight. It speaks to those whose souls sing to create, to break free of the mundanity of societal constructs and expectations, yet feel trapped within corporate confines. It’s a scribble of moments, a sketch of commentary, and a stroke of introspection. Art is in us and all around us.

Leanne Kathleen Ingino is a poet who draws inspiration from the mundane to the mystical, often speculating on love, life, and mental health. She also writes speculative fiction and comics as L. K. Ingino and has a love of fairytales, myths, dark tales, and puns so bad they’re good. She can usually be found trying to create all the things.

The essence of the creative soul is difficult to pin down, but in Blank Canvas Leanne Kathleen Ingino does just that. While she is expressing these concepts in poetry, she illustrates her message with metaphor from a wide variety of artistic forms, demonstrating not only a competence with the written word but also expressing an intuitive understanding of art in general. By sharing her insights, Ingino builds a connection with others struggling to coexist with their muse. Encouraging, with a grace that respects the balance between creation and creator, Ingino has crafted a beautiful collection of poetry that will edify and illuminate the path for those sharing the journey.


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