foreveverEVOLve – Rykiell Rhea-Turner


Evolution:an inevitable subtle or noisy, dramatic, painfully blissful phenomenon that forces all living things to lunge forward to consistently grow and expand into and within our given purpose for the balance and maintenance of the universe. ForeverEVOLve is a work that has evolved from a thought, into a dream, jumped into a vision and is being translated into an action of expression. This work touches on elements of personal matters, motherhood, societal issues, men, love and life as a whole with original visuals. It is a work that captures a snapshot in the evolution of an evolving black woman, mother, sister, friend, social worker, etc. The goal is to open up the heart-minds of those who pick it up and read it and inspire them to allow themselves to evolve through expressing themselves. The spelling of the book capitalizes the word “love” written backwards, signifying the need to see love as the center of evolution and the need to let go of the immediate fear and realize the love is on the other side of fear. Think, see, dream, believe, create and be free.

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