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Huitzilopochtli by Estela Victoria-Cordero


At fourteen, Estela Victoria-Cordero’s dying mother told her she’d become a hummingbird to keep Estela safe throughout her life. Named after the hummingbird warrior guide that led the Mexicas to Tenochtitlan, present day Mexico City, Huitzilopochtli is a beautiful journey of discovery — of self, of what her mother wanted for her, of hope through emotionally strenuous times and, finally, of triumph. This debut collection of poetry is a testament to the profound guidance and faith that has shaped her life. It is about cultura and familia from both sides of the Mexican border. About being a survivor of parental alcoholism and becoming a caretaker prematurely in life. About surviving never-ending loneliness. About being a wife and mama. This book is for all and any who need something to believe in. It is encouragement to never stop searching for what’s meant to be.


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