Journeys of a WOMBMAN

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A wombman is not a term assigned to only women who’ve given birth. you can be taken back to the womb by doulaship, by the death of a loved one, or by your own meditation of going back to your biological roots. This is the documentation of a struggle being overcome – the rural challenges a mother faces and the grace she defeats them with. We are no longer bound to the societal restrictions in the past. This is the uprising; the rewriting of her story. We are the seeds of ancestors who didn’t die. The journey never ends. Every step is a victory in itself.

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1 review for Journeys of a WOMBMAN

  1. Sondria

    I love Journeys of a Wombman for letting the mother–as a character–remain complex post-partum. Often times once a woman becomes a mother, that’s all she gets to be and this book allows her to continue flourishing as a lover, a daughter, a warrior, an avenger…the possibilities are endless! And that’s really been MY personal experience as a mother. SNATCH!

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