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SPACES by Christiana Davis


Christiana Davis’ debut novella, SPACES, is a must read.

After reading Sandra Cisneros’ “House on Mango Street” during her sophomore year in college, Christiana knew that she would write books just like Cisneros. However, writer’s block was hindering her from realizing her dream of becoming a published author.

While venting to a friend, Christiana voiced her frustration regarding her writer’s block and her inability to write as effortlessly as she does when she talks to God. Suddenly, something clicked! Everything began to make sense. She then realized that she wanted to create vignettes (In the same vein of Cisneros’ “House on Mango Street”) that display the dynamic between the church, identity, justice, modern culture, and Christ.

Newly inspired, she was able to move past the writer’s block, and has now realized her dream with the release of her debut novella, SPACES. SPACES centers around mental health awareness, the Black identity, and the importance of the modern Church’s role in social justice.
It is her hope that the characters, plots, and themes will speak as boldly to your life as they have to hers.


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