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Switches, Hot Wheel Tracks, and Extension Cords


Switches, Hot Wheels Tracks & Extension Cords is a journey in the cathartic process of carving a man’s soul on paper. Tommy Domino, a poet from Pasadena, California started writing his unsettled prayers in 2004 after the untimely transition of his mother Penny. Silent from the microphone for 5 years he emerged on Good Friday 2009 at the Boutique Diva Underground with a notebook full of soulful enigmas. His work has been self-therapeutic and embraced on his journey performing weekly at the Griot Café in Long Beach. This self-proclaimed bluesman masquerading as a poet, learned how to weave his stories poetically as a member of the Still Waters Writers’ Collective in spring 2012. He was selected for the CLI Poetry Program at USC in the fall of 2016. A reluctant performer, he knits a tapestry of hard life lessons through dark corners not always leading to solutions, but exemplifies the redemptive healing process of prose. This work is a manifesto of a creative spirit breathing life into the struggles against; prejudice, inequality, ignorance and hypocrisy with the purpose healing troubled souls.


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