The Landscape is Always Changing

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The Landscape is Always Changing is about one woman’s awakening to herself and her vigorous search for a sense of belonging. It is about perseverance and grit when faced with humanity’s ugliest flaws including, racism, sexism, spiritual abuse, and patriarchy. It’s about standing one’s ground while remembering that the landscape is always changing.

The landscape of emotions, memories, and experiences that come with being a first generation Chinese American woman are painted onto each page.

These pages hold space for hyphenated identities built on fluidity and grace.

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1 review for The Landscape is Always Changing

  1. Lindsay Maroney

    This collection of poems is so thoughtfully prepared. The dense weight of heavy emotional bodies is suspended in the lightness of the page formatting and minimalist design. The photography like the beat of beautifully articulated wings through this captivating atmosphere. The landscape format pages cause the words to drape in your hands gently, but with a satisfying weight.

    Yu has a poetic voice that is clear and cool with warm currents that rush with purpose below the surface carrying the reader out and in to the beat her tides.

    These words are her own and still somehow everyone’s. A clever and comforting balance to strike.

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