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The Orisha Talks: Tales of Lust, Love & Herstorical Memory by Tricia Alkmia Cochée


Sensual, smart, sexy, signifying and sanctifying…that is…The Orisha Talks: Tales of Lust, Love and Herstorical Memory. Tricia Cochée’s debut poetic memoir is a spicy masala or gumbo of joyful praise songs and truth telling. A mediation between body, mind and soul in place and time. She reveals life stories, chance encounters and a musical soundscape of friendship, intimacy, sexual desire, love and betrayal, and ultimately the human dance of desire and yearning for the sacred, amongst a backdrop of social consciousness.

This memoir collection of deeply personal poems and prose encompasses the natural, human, and spiritual realms, and is bound together by the universal themes and landscape of the Orishas, the forces of nature personified, to guide the reader through both sunny days and stormy nights.


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4 reviews for The Orisha Talks: Tales of Lust, Love & Herstorical Memory by Tricia Alkmia Cochée

  1. P. M. Fisher

    “Tricia, when is the play, mini-series, or movie, based on your book coming out?!!!

    What an amazing collection of poetry, prose, culture, spirituality, and slices inside your inner being. Tricia uses words like she dances, with twists and curves. I thoroughly enjoyed turning every page and highly recommend this book!


    The history of the Orisha as a divine force is GOOD KNOWLEDGE TO HAVE. I was fascinated by the history of Los Angeles, U.S. institutional racism, African struggle for independence, the effects of worldwide racism as well as the author’s family genealogy. It is a good read.

  3. Richard Moore

    Tricia’s book exceeded my expectations! Her unique writing style & ability to connect with her audience on several levels by sharing her experiences was refreshing….Highly recommend it to the reader who enjoys poetry, progressive thinking and the power of the pen!

  4. Margo T

    When my copy of The Orisha Talks arrived, my original intent was to briefly scan through it for a few short minutes and read whatever poem or prose I opened to…that intent was shattered. Forty-five minutes later, I realized I was captivated by the musings of Tricia Cochee. Tricia presents a compilation of informative, educational, sensual, sexy poetic taunting and prose, sprinkled with humor. It’s a delightful read that’s established her as a true mystical muse.

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