The Orisha Talks: Tales of Lust, Love & Herstorical Memory by Tricia Alkmia Cochée

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“The Orisha Talks” is Tricia Cochée’s debut collection of poetry and prose that
mixes the profane with the sacred into a delicious gumbo of poetic memoir and
historical musings. A celebration of life, love, friendship and family, despite its


The author, a fourth generation Californian. Her backdrop, Black Los Angeles.
Places and spaces in time, long gone but kept alive in community memory.


“There are places, friendships, relationships and events that hold space in my mind, courting my memory: the opening night of The Good Life restaurant and cultural center; Nelson Mandela speaking at the LA Coliseum; the receptions and art shows at Brockman Gallery and photography openings at the Black Gallery;

The first African Marketplace and Cultural Faire; Lectures at Compton College Black Consciousness Conferences; Producing festivals at Senshin Buddhist Temple and BackStreet Galleries; and Co-founding the SWAAM (Spoken Word Art And Music) poetry lounge.”
— Tricia Cochée

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1 review for The Orisha Talks: Tales of Lust, Love & Herstorical Memory by Tricia Alkmia Cochée

  1. P. M. Fisher

    Tricia, when is the play, mini-series, or movie, based on your book coming out?!!!

    What an amazing collection of poetry, prose, culture, spirituality, and slices inside the author’s inner being. Tricia uses words like she dances, with twists and curves. I thoroughly enjoyed turning every page and highly recommend this book!

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