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Through the Soil in My Skin by Poet Astrid


This is not how love is made. This is how it is found. In plain sight. In the reflection. In the parts, you were taught to ignore. From her first love to her biological father, Through the Soil in My Skin unearths the truth and trauma that stems from relationships. Astrid embarks on an exploration of love through her past to a discovery of self in her present, recalling the men of her life and the lessons learned. Shatter karmic cycles and begin the journey to finding self-love alongside an artist in her becoming, in her emergence through the soil in her skin.



Astrid is a Salvadoran-American poet and journalist based in Los Angeles. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from California State University, Dominguez Hills. Here, she was captain of the slam poetry team and president of the poetry club, FLOW. Astrid has since become a beacon in L.A.’s writing community, shining through with her annual showcase Talk That Sh!t while having highly esteemed featured performances at Take the Mic, Unplugd LA, Sela Arts Festival, and LitFest Pasadena just to name a few. She lives in Long Beach and continues to share her editorial voice at L.A. Taco, an independent press covering the native Los Angeles community. Her work has also been featured at Viva La Muxer and Cultural Weekly.

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