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Stella the Poet

Author of Truth Shots & Ida’s Brew, Stella the Poet is insightful, honest and inspirational.  She comes from generations of community activists who instilled in her cultural pride and resilience.  She’s a graduate of Beverly Hills High School and holds a journalism degree from Howard University. 

Stella the Poet is a proud world traveler, art lover and freelance writer.  She is currently completing her second poetry book, Love, Magic & Maroon Moons and is co-authoring an art and poetry book celebrating Black Women with the master artist/sculptor, Charles Dickson.

“Stella the Poet” serves as an advisor to community-based organizations and is a volunteer at LAUSD’s Central High School. 
She’s a trained spiritual practitioner who creates tools for individual and group transformation.
You can find her reading poetry on her YouTube channel under “Stella the Poet”.