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December 18, 2019 @ World Stage Press (4321 Degnan Blvd.)Join us for Ashay’s Book Release: Ashay Speaks by Ashay MathieuPre-order Ashay Speaks at: by Hiram Sims7:30 pm: Show begins 7:45 pm- 9:00pm: Performance by various artists 9:00 pm – 9:45 pm: Reading by Shakirah Peterson 9:45 pm- 10:00 pm: Book signingReserve your signed copy at: https://ashayspeaks.eventbrite.comAbout Ashay Speaks:This book emphasizes the cross-pollination of the Black Holocaust, The Holocaust, American enslavement of Africans and the black victims of the Jim Crow era in America.Mathieu shows the parallels of sadness, hideous, plights of these cultures. This book will become a catalyst for change that eliminates an educational dilemma of whitewashing history.Mathieu balances her voice of social justice to a softer passionate cadence for life, music, and love. It will encourage the human spirit to excel during difficult times.About Ashay Mathieu: Ashay Mathieu’s first collection of poetry, Ashay Speaks, will be released in December 2019. Mathieu states that her poetry is representative of the African diaspora’s collective unity.

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