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Carolina Rivera Escamilla

Carolina Rivera Escamilla lives in Los Angeles, California. Born in El Salvador, Rivera Escamilla is a bilingual writer and educator. She is a fellow of Pen America Emerging Voices and the Community Literature Initiative Fiction Publishing Workshops. Her first book of short stories, titled …after… was published in 2015 (Worlds Stage Press). Her first book of poetry, titled In a Corner of Your Country, was published in 2023 (Bellucci, palms & Carmichael. LLC Press). She is also the director, screenwriter, and producer of the documentary “Manlio Argueta, poets, and Volcanoes”.

She has been published in Analecta Literary Arts Journal, Texas Austin University, Hostos Review CUNY University, and Pen America/ Strange Cargo Anthology. Collateral Damage” Women Who Write About War” Anthology, University of Virginia Press, the Migrant Anthology, “Somewhere We Are Humans” By HarperCollins press. The Bomb Literary Magazine, among others.