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Brief & Bleeding Margins by Marissa Forbes


Brief & Bleeding Margins is a raw glimpse into a woman’s journey. “Brief” in the smatterings of autobiographical prose that act as titles to the poems that follow. These poems dive into my opinions on the current political state of mind (BLOODY POLITICS), the girlhood to womanhood transformation (EMERGING, BRIEFLY), my take on the pain and beauty of motherhood (MOTHER’S BLOOD), and finally healing through the creative process (BRIEF META-POESY).  “Bloody” in the sense that I allowed myself to be literal—as a woman: I bleed and my existence holds that truth to be self-evident. Yet, it’s only now I rip into the nitty-gritty of all that blood, of what layers womanhood really holds. Brief & Bleeding Margins is for the hurt and healing of the world, because truly we are just the marks in the margins—the scratches as swirls we make when trying to make our pens work again. We are works in progress and you will see yourself in my brief and bleeding history of now.

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