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#InMySpaceOfHonesty and Other Hashtags by October Blu


“Words are like deaf pit bulls, once you let them go, you can’t call them back”.
James Barrett 3rd

October BLU’s first experience with using words to color the greys and glooms of her life were discovered in her early childhood. Raised old school, she was to be seen and not heard. In my Space of Honesty is loud and unapologetic. She writes frankly about her experiences as black woman; a woman made up of equal parts of teenage single mother, survivor of abuse, codependent and convicted felon, all while celebrating triumph over adversity. She promotes resilience, self-care and the beauty of the black community to her readers. Her poems urge her audience to stand tall, call out injustices, wake up and love. They also require a healthy dose of self-awareness that requires you to relinquish your grip on ideas and opinions that others have used to define you and ideas you’ve used to confine yourself. This collection offers insight to her life; shedding light on the vulnerable yet relatable experiences. October has taken pieces of herself, willingly exposing them to the readers. Every poem written in this book is paying homage to everyone who thought no one else would understand. You don’t have to wear your weary just because it was given to you.



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