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Truth Shots & Ida’s Brew: cocktails and elixirs by Stella the Poet


Truth Shots & Ida’s Brew is a collection of poetry for social and personal reflections. As a “docu-poet”, Stella’s words are poignant and powerful. Her insights on humanity and history are journalistic in nature. Her strength is emotional vulnerability. She takes us on a raw and rare exploration in her series “the Rage is Real”. The “Black Women’s Divinity” series is about unconditional self-loving. “Now, Can You Hear Me”, is a wake-up call for unmuting her screams.

Stella’s poetic blends ignite these pages. Her social and political commentary is whimsical and refreshing. Stella the Poet’s voice is clear and furious, kind and gentle. Let her organic poetry serve as soulful tonics for healing. Salud!


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